What Are Green Homes?

Have you heard about green homes? If you are interested in living sustainably, this kind of abode could be perfect for you. Green homes are also beneficial to people who are concerned about economy for their households. They are suitable for those who seek a healthier environment, as well.

What is a green home, exactly? In terms of construction, green homes are generally those built with non-toxic, ecologically sustainable materials. They are also designed with sustainability in mind, so their inhabitants may utilize less of our natural resources. The team at Just In Time Furnace Inc. supports local efforts to create greener, more environmentally-friendly homes, especially when they are healthier and more economical for their occupants.

What Makes a Green Home Different?
Eco-friendly homes are different from traditional homes in a variety of ways. These are some of the factors that make them “smarter” than conventionally constructed residential buildings:

  • Location – The spot that you choose to build a home is an important factor. If you decide to have a place constructed on farmland, for example, it will disrupt the environment. It will also likely have an adverse impact on the local ecology. Instead, constructing a home near an infrastructure that is already functioning will help to reduce waste. This will also not be as disruptive to the ecology of an area.
  • Green Building Materials – Using eco-friendly building materials can have a major impact on your carbon footprint. The concept of green building materials might be defined in different ways. Materials that have been recycled or repurposed could be defined as green. Non-toxic materials are also considered by many people to be green. Using materials that have been harvested in a sustainable manner is desirable, as well. Whenever possible, green builders may want to use local materials that are quickly renewable.
  • Water and Energy Conservation – Another benefit of creating a green home is that the structure is designed to conserve energy and other resources once it is in use. This might involve installing low-flow water fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms. It might also involve using proper insulation sourced from green materials. It could include features that will dramatically reduce the energy consumption of a household, such as solar panels.
  • Renovation – If you are happy in your current home and do not wish to move, you can make upgrades instead. By renovating your home with sustainable materials and an eco-friendly design style, you can have a positive impact on the environment. Your efforts may also help to keep your household healthier, and you could ultimately save money over the long term.

It All Starts with a Green Home
If you want to live a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle, you can start with your immediate environment. When you buy a home or have one built, choose a green home. You can make this choice as a renter, as well. At Just In Time Furnace Inc., we encourage area residents to make smarter, greener purchasing decisions whenever they can.

An important aspect of a greener home is routine HVAC service. If you require air conditioning maintenance or furnace maintenance in your Calgary home, we are ready to assist. Complete our quick and easy contact form online to get a free quote. You can also reach us at 403-333-6666.

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