The Benefits of Installing a Gas Line

While you may be prepared to include certain home features in your budget, you might not realize how beneficial other products could be for your household. You probably expect to spend money on furnace installation or air conditioning maintenance for your Calgary home. However, you might also want to make room in your budget for a gas line.

Using natural gas can work to your advantage in many ways. Once you understand the benefits ofinstalling a gas line, we will be happy to help you do this at your place of residence. The team at Just In Time Furnace Inc. is always committed to excellence at a reasonable price.

How a Gas Line Might Enhance Your Home
If you have not given much thought to natural gas as a power source, you might be surprised by the advantages it offers. These are just some of the ways that getting a gas line could improve your daily routine:

  • The Cost Factor – Natural gas can be a far more cost-efficient choice than electricity. Many appliances that run on natural gas take less money to operate than electrical appliances do.
  • Convenience – Utilizing natural gas can also be the most convenient option. It is equally as convenient to use as electricity, and since gas power is often less expensive, it makes the most sense. Gas power is much more convenient to use than propane, which involves exchanging empty propane tanks for newly delivered ones.
  • More Reliable – Gas is generally a more reliable source than electricity. Gas will continue to deliver power, even in a severe outage. The next time you experience a major electrical outage, you might wish you had chosen to have a gas line installed.
  • Cleaner Fuel – Gas produces considerably less CO2 emissions than other fuel sources. The emissions from gas are 45 percent lower than those from coal. They are 30 percent lower than the emissions produced by oil.
  • Efficiency – You can expect natural gas appliances to be noticeably more efficient than electrical appliances. Gas-powered appliances consume less energy than their electricity-run counterparts. That includes appliances such as water heaters, laundry dryers, and furnaces. The production and delivery of electricity is two-thirds less efficient than the delivery of gas to your home.

When Getting a Gas Line Makes Sense
When you want to improve energy efficiency and cost savings for your Calgary home, air conditioning installation and furnace maintenance are certainly important. However, you may also enjoy significant benefits from having a gas line installed, as well. If your energy bills have soared in recent years, you might consider natural gas. It is convenient, reliable, cost effective and energy efficient.

Once you make the choice to get a gas line, do not hesitate to consult us. Just In Time Furnace Inc. has the most experience at gas line hookups in the greater Calgary region. From start to finish, we guarantee the quality of our work.

Whether you require furnace maintenance or gas fitting in Calgary, we are happy to assist. Fill out our easy contact form online for a free quote. You can also call us at 403-333-6666.

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