How to Stay Cool and Still be Eco-Friendly

Staying cool and comfortable in the warmest months can be a challenge. If you are trying to be kind to both the environment and your bank account, you might find this objective to be even more challenging. Remember to schedule annual service visits with the team at Just In Time. This will optimize your energy use and lower your energy bills.

4 Green Ways to Cool Your Indoor Environment
We know that when the outdoor temperature is very warm or hot, you will need to rely on your air conditioning system. After all, it is installed in order to help your household to remain comfortable.

However, you can reduce the use of your air conditioner, especially on warm days that are not uncomfortable. Doing this will mean less wear and tear on your equipment, and it will help you to be kinder to the environment. Finding alternative cooling methods can save you money by lowering your energy bills. Additionally, equipment that is used less often will not need to be repaired or replaced as often. These are 4 simple but effective ways to cool your indoor setting without air conditioning.

  1. Use a Fan – If you already have a ceiling fan in your home, you should use it whenever possible. You could actually feel seven degrees cooler when you do this. If you do not have ceiling fans in your home, you might consider installing them in rooms that get a lot of use. Alternatively, you could position circulating fans in strategic places in your home, such as directly in front of open windows. When the daytime hours are very warm, you can use fans in the morning and at night. During the daytime, you may want to keep your doors and windows sealed shut and use the air conditioner if necessary.
  2. Reduce Heat Generation – During the daytime and the warmest parts of the evening, try to avoid using appliances that generate heat. Instead, utilize the oven, laundry dryer, and even the steam iron at night or in the early morning when you can.
  3. Dress the Windows Properly – Some window treatments are designed to repel excessive heat. Bamboo shades may considerably reduce the amount of sunlight that makes its way into your home. Thermal curtains effectively serve as a barrier between the heat and your home’s interior. Awnings can increase the level of shade just outside your windows.
  4. Keep Yourself Cool – One way to rely less on your air conditioning is to keep yourself cooler in the summertime. By drinking cool beverages, wearing loose-fitting clothing, and using cool cotton sheets, you will feel cooler much of the time. This will enable you to depend less often on your AC system.

Just In Time Furnace Inc. is a leading air conditioning installation company in Calgary. We encourage you to find alternatives to leaving your air conditioner running all the time in the summer. If you are interested in exploring more efficient heating and cooling equipment for your home, do not hesitate to consult one of our representatives.

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