Calgary Thermostats from Just In Time Furnace

Make life a little easier with a state-of-the-art thermostat from Just In Time Furnance. We carry a wide selection of thermostats for residential and commercial Calgary properties. You can find thermostats with features ranging from simple up and down temperature buttons to more advanced models with seven-day programming and colour displays.

Why a Quality Thermostat Is Important

The right thermostat ensures your heating and cooling system runs efficiently, providing comfort at the touch of a button. When it comes to keeping your home or business at the right comfort level, you also want to ensure that you aren’t wasting energy. A thermostat can help you program the right temperature and check the status of your system quickly.

Get Thermostats from Just In Time Furnace

Find the right thermostat for your home or business at Just In Time Furnace. Check out our selection below. If you have any questions or would like more information about the thermostats we carry, contact us. Feel free to fill out our contact form to request a free quote.

Prestige HD 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Challenged by electronics? When your Prestige IAQ programmable thermostat is installed, its system will ask you a series of questions and will then use your answers to program itself. This thermostat is also accessible via the internet through your smartphone, PC or tablet. 


FocusPRO 6000

The FocusPro 6000 features weekday and weekend programming that will make your home more energy efficient while helping you save on heating and cooling costs.

PRO 1000 Non-Programmable Thermostat

The PRO 1000 Non-Programmable Thermostat makes controlling your home’s temperature simple. The backlit digital display is easy to read, the up and down temperature buttons easy to use, and the 2-year warranty and price make it easy to afford.

VisionPRO IAQ 7-Day Programmable Comfort System

VisionPRO 8000 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

The VisionPRO 8000 Thermostat syncs directly with your wireless internet connection through RedLINK™, which makes for a simple and convenient energy saving solution.

Programmable Wireless FocusPRO Comfort System

For ultimate convenience, the wireless FocusPRO Comfort System can be placed anywhere in your home and adjusted wirelessly from anywhere you happen to be. Energy savings are generated from precision comfort control and 5-1-1 programming that allows you to program separately for weekdays and weekends.

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