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When it comes to quality furnace repair, Calgary turns to Just In Time. Call us and one of our trusted service personnel will be there right away to fix the problem and restore your comfort and peace of mind.

Top Culprits: What Leads to Calgary Furnace Repairs?

Did you know that dirt is the top cause of furnace problems? Dirty furnaces waste fuel and reduce efficiency. If your furnace is dirty, it may overheat. These are the areas that generally need the most attention:

  • Filter system
  • Motor
  • Blower

Let’s address the filter first. Many people don’t realize how problematic a dirty filter is. If your filter accumulates dirt over a period of high use (winter, for instance) and isn’t replaced often, dirt can enter other parts of the furnace and cause further problems.

The motor and blower also need regular cleaning to stay functional. When one of our technicians cleans your furnace, it will remain trouble-free for a long time. Call us for a furnace cleaning before “heavy use” seasons!

Of course, dirt isn’t the only culprit in a faulty furnace. Here are a few other elements that may cause furnace repairs in Calgary:

  • Faulty pilot light
  • Clogged gas valves or burner issues
  • Problems with the thermocouple or limit switch
  • Electrical problems
  • Problems with the thermostat
  • Oil nozzle, air tubes, pump, transformer, or other components (oil furnaces)
  • Gas leaks (LEAVE THE PREMISES IMMEDIATELY if you smell gas, and call the gas company and/or fire department)

Remember, in the case of suspected gas leaks, stay out until an authority tells you it’s safe to return. For all other Calgary furnace repairs, call a Just In Time team member today!

Whether your furnace breaks down in the dead of winter, or if it’s just making a noise that’s keeping you up at night – Just In Time furnace is on call 24/7 to fix any problem big or small. We provide free estimates and all of our work is 100% guaranteed.

Products installed and serviced by Just In Time include:

In order to get the best life and efficiency out of your heating system, we suggest regular tune-ups. Tune-ups, in conjunction with regular cleaning will extend the life of your system, while minimizing the risk of costly repair bills in the future.

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