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Similar to any other electrical appliance, air conditioners require regular maintenance and repair. Without proper care, they have the tendency to break down when you need them most – on the hottest day of the summer, for example.

Thankfully for residents in the Calgary area, in addition to installations, Just In Time Furnace Inc. offers industry-leading air conditioning service and repair on a 24/7 basis. Our expert cooling technicians are consistently trained on the latest industry developments, and provided with the most up-to-date tools and technology, to ensure your air conditioner remains in optimal working condition long after we’re gone.

Is Your Air Conditioner Broken?

Some people think a broken air conditioner would be easy to spot and diagnose due to obvious signals. The truth, however, is that it’s not always that simple. Your AC requires regular maintenance to make sure everything is working properly, and you should always keep a close eye, and sometimes ear, on your system to make sure these symptoms aren’t left untreated:

  • Your Unit is No Longer Cooling: Air conditioners that have begun to blow hot air could be a sign that a serious repair is needed. Cooling units run on refrigerant which cools the air before it is blown into your home. Hot air is a sign that your system may be leaking Freon and requires the help of a licensed professional, who will locate the source of the leak and repair the issue, and replenish the missing refrigerant. Additionally, failure to cool can also be a sign of a broken compressor, which also needs to be serviced by a professional.
  • Water Accumulation In or Around: Water leaking out of your system isn’t just a sign that your unit needs repair; it can also cause extensive damage to the interior of your home. More often than not, these types of leaks are caused by clogged or disconnected drain lines. However, they can also be a sign that your system is low on refrigerant. Low levels of refrigerant will cause the inside of the unit to freeze and stop working. Once the unit thaws out, your system will resume cooling; however, moisture from the thawed unit will leak. This is a vicious cycle that will continue until the unit is repaired by a pro.
  • Unusual Sounds Emanating from Your AC System: Generally speaking, air conditioners will always make some level of noise, so you don’t need to over analyze all sounds. However, persistent chirping or high-pitched squealing sounds could be an indication of a damaged compressor.
  • Increased Cost of Cooling: File this one under the “not-so-obvious” symptoms of broken AC units. Older systems, reaching the end of their lifespans, will often lose their energy efficiency. This is normal, as air conditioners need to be replaced after a certain number of years. However, low energy-efficiency in a new system is likely caused by faulty wiring, poor airflow, failed capacitors, and an inadequate level of voltage reaching the unit.

These are only a few symptoms of a faulty or broken air conditioning system, and you should try to avoid reaching this point as much as possible. That’s why, in addition to our superior repair services, we offer comprehensive 17-point tune-ups, which are absolutely essential for extending the life of your cooling unit.

Just In Time Furnace Inc.’s repair technicians are always on call in case of emergencies and, best of all, our work is 100% guaranteed. We’ll get the job done right the first time.

For all emergency air conditioning repairs, or general service and maintenance, call Just In Time Furnace Inc. and we’ll set you up with a free estimate on the spot.

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